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Compost Service Offerings

The Aeromaster Composting System (ACS) is a systems approach for the production of high-quality Humus Compost and its use in high production agriculture. The higher the quality of the Humus Compost produced, the greater the benefit to the soil and the greater the increase in crop quality and yield – far greater than the results that can be achieved with typical compost. A two (2) to four (4) year implementations of ACS Humus Technology is the best system we have found for improving agricultural profitability.


Phone and Onsite Visits Available

We are passionate about educating our current and future customers on all matters related to successful and profitable composting and farming. To accomplish this, we offer a wide variety of basic and advanced training sessions, workshops, seminars, webinars, teleclasses, phone and on-site consulting.

Our standard consulting packages include phone consultations and site visits. We do recognize that some needs may be unique and specific to your area and/or situations. Custom consultation packages are available upon request.

“Our customers continue to convey that our consulting services contribute to a more profitable and productive
operation. And almost every one of them report they wished they had called us sooner!” – Edwin Blosser

ACS Humus Compost Production Service Offerings

Aeromaster composting equipment is the best composting equipment available for producing Humus Compost, but Aeromaster equipment along will not necessarily make high quality Humus compost. Producing high quality Humus Compost requires following a Controlled Process, Expert Help, the right Microbial Inoculants, Clay, AND Aeromaster composting equipment.

Several companies manufacture equipment they call compost turners. However, Midwest Bio-Systems is the only company that offers a complete composting service solution, including the trained professionals to help you understand, estimate, plan, and implement the Aeromaster Composting System in your operation.

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ACS Five (5) Year Profitability Analysis

Your Midwest Bio-Systems Sales Representative will work with you to develop a five (5) year profitability analysis based on assumptions about materials you have available, your local market for compost, the investment required in machinery as well as the labor required and other costs associated with your composting operation. The result is a profitability document you can use to plan your steps toward the start of your composting operation.

ACS Educational Workshops

Profitable Composting Made Simple (2 Days)

A two (2) day comprehensive workshop designed for people interested in composting who want to learn more about what is involved in composting in general as well as the significant benefits that can result from producing high quality Humus Compost. This workshop combines classroom presentations with hands-on time at a working compost site.

ACS Onsite Compost Process Assessment

The purpose of this compost service offering is to provide prospective customers with a comprehensive analysis of available feedstock and potential recipes, pre-processing requirements, process steps, site analysis and design, and equipment recommendations. The goal of successfully executed assessment is to provide the prospect a comprehensive overview of what is involved in getting their composting operation up and running and give the prospect a sufficient level of comfort in the likely success of the proposed composting operation to proceed.

Profitable Composting in Detail (3 Days – Aeromaster Owners Only)

A three (3) day detailed workshop designed for people who are composting or about to start composting with Aeromaster equipment. This workshop provides the detailed information you need to know to produce compost that meets your personal compost quality goals. The topics covered range from site design, raw material “recipe”, process monitoring, troubleshooting problems, to integrating compost into soil fertility programs and product marketing. The combination of classroom presentations coupled with hands-on time at a working compost site will make getting started quicker and easier.

High Level Goals and General Information Collected Prior to the Assessment Visit

  • Reason for composting, e.g. waste disposal, business opportunity, agronomy improvement
  • Target annual volume
  • Target customer base / crop
  • Available feedstock and approximate volumes
  • Feedstock analysis completed for likely materials to be used
  • Land area available for the compost site
  • Water source available at the compost site and location
  • Relevant equipment on hand that can be used in the composting operation, e.g. tractors, loaders

Profitable Composting Level II (3 Days – Aeromaster Owners Only)

A three (3) day workshop designed for people currently composting who have previously completed the Profitable Composting in Detail workshop. The Level II workshop builds on the material presented in the three (3) day Composting in Detail workshop going quickly over the basics then into greater depth to develop the skills and understanding needed to make your composting operation as efficient as possible and insure you meet your quality goals. This workshop goes into process elements that impact compost quality and the formation of humus. This is followed by an in depth look at the difference between growing crops with conventional chemical fertilizer practices and Humus Compost Based Agronomy. The Level II workshop combines classroom presentations with additional hands-on time at the compost site.

Subject Areas Addressed by this Assessment

  • Feedstock Analysis
  • Process Analysis
  • Material and Preprocessing Logistics
  • Permitting Tips
  • Labor
  • Deliverables
  • Feedstock Cost Estimate Worksheet
  • Preliminary Recipe with possible variations
  • Process Timeline
  • High level site layout
  • Recommended equipment list

ACS “Increase Your Farms Profitability with Humus” Seminar

This is a half day seminar for the potential customers of Aeromaster equipment owners who follow the ACS Humus Composting process. It is designed to tell the Benefits of Humus Compost in simple terms and through the well documented experiences of Humus Compost users. The goal of this seminar is to acquaint your potential customers with the value and benefits of your Humus Compost product, so they enthusiastically purchase your Humus products at profitable prices.

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