Composting is a microbial process! Aeromaster products are designed to be the most efficient and effective composting equipment on the market. Every turner comes with full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our turners are tough and low maintenance, with intentional design to handle every particle of material, which means you’ll have more control over the air and gas exchange process – bringing more oxygen into the windrow and eliminating more CO2 out of the row. Aeromaster composting equipment offers a state of the art moisture management system, making it simple for the operator to control the moisture inside the windrow. Our turners are known for their superior ability to thoroughly mix the material – bringing the outside material to the inside and the inside material to the outside in an enveloping effect for the very best mixing results. The Aeromaster compost turners do all of this while requiring less horsepower to move any amount of material which means less downtime and maintenance. Best of all this innovate design allows the operator to provide the optimum environment for the needs of the microbes inside the windrow.

The Aeromaster compost turners are designed to improve the environment for the microbial life. We design our equipment to introduce the right amount of air and moisture into the windrow and to very gently mix the material without pulverizing it along the way. When you have the right equipment that allows the microbes to thrive – good quality compost is just around the corner!

 Critical factors to consider when purchasing a composting turner: 

Total Cost: Let’s review the total cost over 5 years to buy and operate an Aeromaster Turner.
Final Product: There are many grades of compost, what is the goal of your final product?
Equipment & Windrow Size: What equipment will you use to build your windrows and projected windrow size?
Compost Season: How many months of the year do you plan to make compost?
Labor: How much labor per cubic ton or yard do you want to put in your compost operation?

Our staff is available to offer experience and expertise to assist you in discussing the critical factors to consider when buying a compost turner.

Compost Turners