Windrow Fabric Cover / Roller

Windrow Compost Cover

The Aeromaster Fabric Roller is an efficient windrow compost cover solution for compost producers who maintain medium to large scale composts sites. Windrow covers are necessary to both protect and increase the quality of finished compost, but can be a time consuming and labor intensive process to manage. The Aeromaster Fabric Roller significantly reduces the time and energy spent managing these windrow covers.

The immediate benefit of the FR series is the speed of removing and covering the windrows with a single operator. The ease of storing covers on the spindle will also significantly improve efficiency around the compost site, as operators will have ease of access to the lanes between windrows.

Storing the windrow covers in rolls also helps to protect the fabric from damage and will lengthen it’s usable life.

The Fabric Roller is attached and detached as easily as any skid-steer implement. The operator controls the rotation of the spindle with a hydraulic motor that is powered from the skid-steer’s auxiliary hydraulics.

The FR-400 model is designed to handle the 4-meter wide Aeromaster Moisture Guard covers. These covers will handle windrows produced by the PT-120 and PT-130 models.

The FR-500 model handles the 5-meter wide row covers that are used for windrows made by the PT-170 and PT-190 models. Call us today for more information about our Aeromaster windrow compost covers.

Specifications of the Fabric Rollers

Weight2,400 lbs.
Length28' Long
Weight2,700 lbs
Length32' Long


Bobcat T750 or larger (or equivalent model with 3,325 lbs min rated weight capacity)
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